This is my personal blog about random tech entrepreneurial musings.

A bit about me/what I’m upto:

I’m Anish Godha. I’m originally from India. I got my MS degree from Stanford, have a BS degree from Northwestern and went to high school at the Cathedral & John Connon School in Mumbai.

For the entrepreneurial process, I’m founder & CEO of Zocal – a location based social network that exists solely because I wanted a way to stay in touch with my friends after graduation, but could not find anything available that was ‘it’. There has been a tremendous amount of learning and a lot of my posts draw on my experiences with Zocal.

I’m also co-founder of a made-to-order jewelry e-commerce company called Diamondere – a spin-off from our jewelry manufacturing family business. Diamondere is a concept where any piece of jewelry can be personalized to suit the user’s tastes. Everything is custom made and a designer works with all customers to handcraft exactly what they want.

Needless to say, I keep myself fairly occupied. Since both startups are so different – team, market, product, business model etc, I’ve been able to get myself quite a varied experience in a fairly short amount of time.

I intend this blog to be something more along the lines of random, ‘Thoughts, Musings & Erratic Ramblings’ – though most of it would be fairly focused on tech entrepreneurship.

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